Elements of Style: Designing a Home & a Life book

The Elements of Style blog and book are full of useful ideas, advice, and lessons on design. You might be curious as to what the book has to offer, but you should consider it as a starting point, not a definitive guidebook. These articles are curated by a team of acclaimed designers, so you can be sure that you’ll learn something from them.

Erin Gates

The blog and book, Elements of Style: Designing a Life & Home, is full of ideas, advice and design lessons from one of the best interior designers around. It has received positive reviews from home improvement and design magazines. In addition to being a great reference tool, it also has great design advice for everyone. Whether you’re looking for new ways to decorate your home or want to learn more about the process of designing, Elements of Style is worth its weight in gold.

A design blog started by Erin Gates in 2007, Erin’s Elements of Style has become a popular destination for inspiration for home owners and professionals alike. She has earned half a million monthly page views with her blog and her own book, Designing a Home & Life. The book features personal essays, design tips and room-by-room photos of her work.

A guidebook aimed at helping homeowners improve their homes and lives, Erin Gates’ Elements of Style is a must-read for anyone interested in decorating their home. Her practical advice will help you create a home that reflects your personality and lifestyle. A shopping guide and resource guide are also included in this book. While she encourages readers to make their house their home, she doesn’t recommend taking her advice at face value.

Erin Gates’ Elements of Style is a great gift for a friend or family member. She is a self-taught architectural designer who began her blog Elements of Style in 2007 and started her own design company soon after. Her work has been featured in Better Homes & Gardens, Elle Decor, and many other publications. Besides her own blog, Erin Gates Design designs homes across the United States.

For those who enjoy decorating but are new to the process, this book is a must-read. Gates provides design ideas for every style and room and also covers apartment living, condominiums, single-family homes and more. There are plenty of beautiful photographs throughout the book to inspire you. A book full of gorgeous interiors is definitely worth a look. And the author’s personal story is an added bonus!

Erin Sullivan

The book is organized into rooms of the home and features Erin’s vibrant, modern home. Although bursting with glamour, the book is also very practical. It includes a Shopping Guide and Resource Guide. It will help you make your house into a home and create a space that feels like a haven. It also teaches you how to decorate a room to fit the style of the owner.

The first book that features Erin is titled Make Something Good Today. Written with her husband, Erin encourages readers to find the good in their daily lives. The book contains family photos and childhood stories as well as hand-painted sketches from Erin. The book also features a beautiful spread of photos of the couple and their cats. It’s an excellent gift for anyone who wants to create a stylish home.

Erin and Ben are busy with their businesses. Their furniture line with Vaughan-Bassett has already become a hit. The couple spend their weekends keeping up with HGTV stars and making projects for their home. Their favorite book is Erin Sullivan’s Elements of Style: Designing a Home & a Life

Judith Gates

This is a must-have book for anyone looking for a new design style or to make the house you live in look more chic. Erin McLaughlin, a former interior designer, combines candid advice with gorgeous, professional photographs and essays. She even reveals the mistakes she made during her own kitchen renovation, her struggles with anorexia, and the epic fight she had with her husband over a Lucite table. Erin’s personal essays are entertaining and touching, revealing the many trials she has experienced, such as her battle with anorexia, a marriage that lasted a decade, and her secret to starting a successful blog.

Erin T. Gates

Erin T. Gates is a Boston-based interior designer, blogger, and curator of all things stylish. Her blog, Elements of Style, launched in 2007 and has since attracted more than half a million page views each month. The book’s format is similar to that of her blog, and contains personal essays as well as room-by-room home design tips and photos from her own design work.

While the book focuses on interior design, it’s also enjoyable and informative, combining practical tips with witty reflections on mistakes made during her decade-long career in interior design. Erin’s shopping guide and Resource Guide give the reader an essential road map for their first serious decorating adventure. Gates’ Elements of Style: Designing a Home & a Life is intended for a well-heeled audience.

For those new to the interior design world, this book will be a great guide. Full-color photos and informative essays provide inspiration and design ideas for any home. Erin’s book covers many different styles and provides tips for each. She provides tips for single-family homes, apartments, and condominiums alike. Whether you are decorating for a modern or traditional home, Elements of Style offers great design ideas for both types of home.

“Erin T. Gates’ Elements of Style is a fantastic guide to decorating your home. Gates is a charming and opinionated writer whose writing style is reminiscent of a modern fashion magazine. Her style is honest, warm, and bold. She makes the entire process enjoyable, and her personal stories make it even more enjoyable.